MThings Personal Verizon
Full range read and write of 4 types of data addresses
Persistence Instructions
Loop and batch read and write operations
Curve recording
Multi device management
Simultaneous management of master and slave machines
No maximum number of devices
Real time update of device communication status
Can be connected to commonly used industrial control equipment such as PLC, electricity meter, frequency converter, etc
Multi protocol support
MODBUS-TCP (synchronous or asynchronous)
Supports ASCII or RTU in network channels (TCP/UDP)
Simulation Slave
Full range automatic reading and writing of 4 types of data addresses
5 different data dynamic simulation strategies
Curve recording
Multi-channel concurrency
Serial/RS485, LAN and WAN (TCP/UDP)
Can run and manage multiple different types of channels simultaneously
Channel isolation
Simulation Master
MThings Free Verizon is a brand new standardized professional MODBUS upper computer software that provides master-slave integration operation and can be used for debugging, operation and maintenance, and simulation of MODBUS devices
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Our software products are aimed at the lightweight automation market and applications, with the goal of integrating enterprise production and operation. We provide enterprises with an effective platform for equipment monitoring, data aggregation, analysis, and management throughout the entire production process, enabling them to obtain information in a timely and effective manner, respond in a timely manner, and achieve optimal results, thereby reducing management costs and enabling enterprises to efficiently unleash commercial value.
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